Rewiring Your Mind For Wealth – 2 - Lynn McClurg

      Get master-mind level training entrepreneurs and business developers pay                             $10,000 for at a fraction of the price, only $697.  

* 27 engaging videos.  Available on audio too.

* 200+ page workbook. Self-paced.

                Renew your mind. Transform your life and your business.

"This is the exact information we used, and continue to use, that transformed us after being stuck for over 2 years! 

Ever been in the dark looking for a light switch? This training enabled us to find the SWITCH!   

The price is only $697.

Find clarity, insight, and understanding. I now have a framework that enables me to identify what isn't working, what is working and what to do differently to advance -  Lynn M.

Find your business path, help your teams and your relationships.

Find Transformation By The "Renewing Of Your Mind".   (Romans 12:2a)

Business and relationships are connected...

  • Have you been stuck for some time?
  • Are you rebuilding after a setback?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed trying to figure it out?
  • Have you hit a ‘glass ceiling’ with your business growth?
  • Are your sales down?
  • Do you have a department that has been stuck, unable to change to support the company's plans?
  • Learn how to move forward. Learn how to stay clear and resourceful.