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How You Can Set Yourself Apart in Business and Life

We live in a country that is unique to most of the world.  However, change is ongoing in a direction that is making life much harder. Government is disconnected with people’s everyday living challenges. We, the people of this country, are an enterprising, innovative people.  Free enterprise exists because people dream and act.

I discovered this Free Enterprise aspect at a time when I was out of work and in a difficult place. I had a family to feed, a home and responsibilities.  I became a network marketer, struggled alot, adapted and over time the experience helped me learn how to think like an entrepreneur.  That was a blessing from God.

This has made all the difference for myself, my family and others. Let’s take a brief look at the word ‘responsibility’ and how it’s connected with ‘no excuses’.  This truly determines our level of success in all areas of life. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, responsibility to love others out of our love for God is an ongoing process.

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Overcome This Human Tendancy To Succeed

Do you think that your low sales or inability to grow your business is someone else’s fault? Are you blaming other people for your lack of progress? Is it your sponsor’s fault? The product’s fault? The company’s fault? 

If this is you, then you have a condition called ‘blameitis’. I had it at one time. I still watch out for it. (It’s a word that I came up with.) I say that because it is a serious ‘thinking’ condition of the mind and it flows into our speech. To find it just listen to yourself.  It shows itself by the type of language we use. It needs to be replaced. It is not effective towards making life work.  But…how do you do that? 

Unfortunately, it’s human nature for you (and me) to blame others for our failures – it comes naturally.  It’s easier to say things just weren’t “meant to be”.  Or point a finger at someone or something. That was the reason things didn’t work.

Sadly, over 95% of all network marketers, entrepreneurs and others quit within their first year. They see little to no results, get frustrated, listen to others negativity or blame others and end up making some excuse for quitting. 

What you are actually doing is quitting on your hopes and dreams. Who can afford to do that?  To succeed, life requires that we change. We adapt.

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So, How Do We Move Past Blaming & Get To The Place of Taking Responsibility For Bettering Our Life, Finances & Business?

Here is the truth, what I call – Success Principles that I have learned and applied over the past 25 years. 

1.) Changing your ‘Life’ – (business, finances, health, relationships)  begins with mind change. You must commit to personal growth – This is not the great suggestion. 

To transform your thinking from ‘job’ to ‘entrepreneur’. How? One way is to schedule with me here to receive a free coaching call .  We’ll develop a plan that works for you.

As a basic start, commit to reading or listening for 15 minutes a day – to successful entrepreneurs and how they made it. EVERY DAY.

2.) If you work a job…guess what. The owner(s) had to sweat, work long and hard and struggle to develop the business. Usually over years. It takes a committment and perseverance to make your network marketing business a success. 

Thankfully, today your chances of success are far greater. Learn how to use business advisors like myself who have had results.   

It’s your choice… to change your life.  Or not to change. To get past your current ‘story’- your fear of people, fear of failing, lack of confidence or whatever barrier is stopping you. To develop your business and gain new recruits to earn that extra $500-$1000 or more every month.  

You can then start paying your way out of debt and head towards financial independence.  Start your journey right here.  It’s your choice.

3.) Take OWNERSHIP of your mistakes. Listen to your language. No blaming. I can show you how to learn and grow from your mistakes.

The MOMENT you take RESPONSIBILITY for your life and your business, is the moment you stop making excusesand start getting resourceful! 

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Hope to talk soon,  

Lynn McClurg,

Business Advisor, Mentor, Health Enthusiast, Husband and Father

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