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Does Your Financial Boat Have Holes In it?

Wouldn’t you agree it’s better to have more than one source of income?  The first 10 years of marriage I was out of work multiple times.

That’s when I began to realize having a part-time business of my own generating my own income was what I needed. 

In the late 80’s I developed a part-time office coffee business. That generated $7,000- $10,000 a year of income in addition to my job.  That was huge!

Now, take the idea of generating a new source of income and combine it with helping others. 

Life has many unexpected events. These events can cause anxiety and fear. We're only human. But, how would it feel earning $500 - $1,000 a month from a new source?

And that source is directly from your efforts and the others that join you.  Ahh, it's not trading time for money.  It's building a business.   

Or, do you want to replace your current income? Or, do you desire total financial and time freedom?  

Understanding 'what the right network marketing opportunity is for you' has two key parts:

1. Trust but verify: Keep reading to learn how to find your 'best boat' to generating more income.

2. Align yourself with a leader(s) that is relationship focused, has business experience and is not profit focused. They will be dedicated to helping others (and you) succeed. Go here to learn more about what we're doing.

Are you someone who loves helping people? (Possibly a personal trainer, massage therapist, yoga or pilates instructors, fitness or health and wellness coach.)

Knowing what to look for and the questions to ask is very important to finding the right business.

It’s also important that you know your reasons for joining a network marketing opportunity. To succeed, your reasons need to be more than making money.  A genuine interest in adding value to people is key.

Choosing a home based network marketing business that fits you can be confusing.  It seems they exist by the boat-load.  They also represent a diverse segment of products and services.  

It can be difficult to know which boat has the best products, features, benefits, services, compensation plan and support systems to help get to your destination.  To make the most of your new business venture.

You will find Network Marketing Companies in the following fields:

Nutritional supplements, weight loss, personal and home care, health and wellness, energy, cosmetics, insurance and financial products, skin care and anti-aging and different services as well.

Ideally you want to be in an industry that is thriving & showing growth well into the future. My favorite is health, wellness & fitness. Yours may be something else and that's ok. Just be sure to verify by doing some market research.

So, how do you choose your ideal boat, your new income source? (Your new business?) 

Every network marketing company has its 'pros and cons'. Pluses and minuses.

Your first goal is to determine if the company you are considering is able to give honest answers to your questions, and not just tell you all the "good stuff" about how wonderful they are.

Answers like…

· Our owners are awesome! – (Too general, vague. Has no value)

· How much your upline is making... (I'm not your upline. General information is not helpful.)

· About how great their products are... (too general, not specific enough, need verification)

· How ‘now’ is the best time to join...(feels like pressure...not helpful. Need to verify)

· Our compensation plan is the best in the world! (too general, need specifics to verify,)

You’ve heard the phrase ‘talk is cheap’. If you believe what you are told without external verification, (verifying some facts) those words could be very costly to you in time and money.

Questions to ask: What kind of business (boat) are you getting into? 

How safe and secure is it?   Will it get me to where I want to go!  Do some fact finding. check out how we are helping others develop their financial boat here

  • Is the company privately owned or publicly owned?  Publicly owned companies have more pressure to generate profits for the shareholders.  This means over time they may reduce commissions and quality of products to boost profits.
  • I recommend choosing a privately held company. Even though this might seem uncomfortable, schedule a call with 1 or 2 of the owners or top level managers. Express curiosity by asking honest and direct questions. If they are people of integrity they will welcome your questions. If they push back, scratch them off your list.  
  • Ask, ‘what is the main reason you started the business’? Listen carefully. Do they put people first? Do they genuinely care about making the best products and helping others.
  • Ask them what their business plan is. Listen- does it make sense? (Long term = putting money into building systems, products and infrastructure for the future. Short term = money motivated.  Scratch that one off your list. Go with long term.
  • Look for companies that have been in business for at least 5 years and show steady income growth.    Also look for financial transparency – yearly reporting of annual revenue. If you don’t see the numbers scratch them off your list.

Trust…But Verify. Look for evidence that supports their claims

  • Does the company have evidence to verify their product claims? Do not accept testimonials alone.  Example: A high integrity wellness nutritional company I am familiar with has (10) 3rd party certifications verifying product potency, purity and authenticity. Learn more here.
  • Avoid companies that don’t have any (0) third-party certifications. They make their own unverified claims. These products and companies cannot be trusted. Scratch them off your list.
  • Do not join a company for emotional reasons.  IE: I had a great time.  The people were friendly. Their home was beautiful. They make so much money (meaning I can too)
  • THIS IS A BIGGIE: Is the industry they are in growing and in demand?   Example:  Nutritional, health, wellness, fitness, weight loss, longevity products are expected to grow to $2.5 trillion dollars in annual sales in the next 5 years.  That is a great industry to be in. 
  • Will your upline help you succeed? Are they people persons? Caring, experienced and supportive? Ask direct questions. Get specific answers.  Do they have training?  Align with people who are focused on helping others. 
Recognize that to become a success in your new business, you must take responsibility and complete ownership over your results.

Just like learning to pilot a power boat, there is a learning curve.
Your personal growth is a necessity. Similar to starting anything new.

Back in the 80's...

I was in a network marketing business for about 10 years.  

I had modest success. I purchased my own products, which were a better quality than store bought.  I consistently worked at personal growth training from audios and reading books.  That was the big win for me.

Getting an entrepreneurial mind allowed me to succeed in two businesses over a 20-year period.  One business has generated over $150 million in sales and continues to grow.  My son replaced me as VP of Business Development when I retired to help my daughter who was ill going on 5 years.

After 12 years of searching and testing and being as resourceful as possible, she has recovered 95% of her health.    


  • Don't be in a hurry. Identify what you are passionate about. Is it health & wellness, fitness, skin care, cosmetics?
  • If someone has introduced you to a company, have them help you set up a call with a company executive, or at least one of their upper level managers.  Have your list of questions ready.
  • Depending upon whether the company is a good fit for you, go online and check out at least 1 other company. What they offer needs to align with you.  Take notes.
  • We thrive on healthy living and were drawn to a premier nutritional health and wellness company.  We saw a need to educate & help others about health and wellness.  We were also looking for a growing market and that fit.
  • If you would like information on what we are doing, go here to learn more.
  • Purchase products and use them. Are you impressed with the results?  Or… not.  Above all have honest discussions.
  • If someone has introduced you to a company, have them help you set up a call with a company executive or one of their upper level managers.  Have your list of questions ready. (I am glad to provide you a list- drop me an email.)
  • Once you have decided on a company make sure you review and understand the compensation plan.  Ask lots of questions. There is no silly question.
  • Get with your contact person and let them guide you in your next steps. 

There is a learning curve with everything - even operating a boat.  Allow yourself time to learn and grow.  Remember a time when you took a new job or went to college.

It took a while to learn the ropes.  Be patient with your progress. Starting a part-time business requires new skills and that takes time.

If you want to be successful in your new business follow this formula:

  • Verify claims. Make sure you have some passion about the industry. Use the products and evaluate them. Do they work?  Connect with leaders who will train and support you.
  • Take responsibility and complete ownership over your results. What works and what doesn't.
  • Accept the journey: It’s learning, adapting and growing…and having some fun!
  • Your personal growth is a necessity to make your new business successful.  (Similar to starting anything new.)

Times are changing. Having a new financial boat to generate your own income with the help of experienced supportive people is very valuable.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions. My schedule is here:

All success begins by taking your first step.


Business Developer, Healthy Living Entrepreneur, Husband & Father

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