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Spinning Your Wheels? Discover Rewiring Your Mind For Wealth Secrets… And Get Going Again

How many of us have read business, leadership, personal growth and mindset books, attended motivational seminars & conferences, watched videos and listened to trainings over years of your life….  All in the hopes of taking you forward in your business, finances and life.  I have.

I’m not saying there isn’t some value in this information. I know I’ve benefitted. But something's missing.  There’s one thing, one critical key I didn’t learn from this information that is a total game changer. And it’s THE KEY.

And...have you ever wondered after learning all this information on how to succeed that you (and others) are not further along in your business?  If it works, where's the proof?

Perhaps you have reached some of your business and income goals. Congratulations! However, have you hit a glass ceiling? It's a fact that when businesses grow to new levels they encounter new challenges. They must change in order to keep growing.  The old doesn't work well anymore.  

How come people stall out. Wha't up with that? And then there is the struggle to get going. It's like being in a dark room searching for the light switch. Frustrating and discouraging.

Hang on for some little known business and life changing truths - that will equip you to learn ‘how to think’, rather than having others tell you ‘what to think’.  

It’s a total game changer. The information I’m sharing I’ve personally learned and I’m applying to my life daily. It’s remarkable. The light is on! I know what to do. It’s life changing!  For me, my wife and daughter and those on my team.

What's Up With The Stats?

What I’m asking is how come more people aren’t successful having learned the mindset, motivation stuff?  Here are some startling statistics:

  • 90% of networkers earn $35 a week
  • Only 5% of networkers make a sustainable income.
  • 80% quit within 90 days. 
  • The average network marketer changes companies 7 times.
  • 90% of businesses fail in the first 5 years


In 2018 I was weary of searching for answers, spinning my wheels & very frustrated at not advancing my business. Ever been there?  This could also apply to your health or any area in your life.

Due to unexpected life circumstances that came upon us, I was in the middle of rebuilding my financial life after 25 years of success in business.  I was also helping my daughter do the same. We experienced an unexpected stressful & traumatic 15-year health crisis with our daughter.

In the middle of that experience we also had a large financial set back. 

If you didn’t get the memo…life is difficult and sometimes overwhelms us. It’s often painful in varying levels.  How we think in crisis situations is critical. How to think in business and life is the KEY. It's what's missing in most of the training.

The result of these crisis events is that we are changed. Recognize that we have choices when unexpected events happen. In my experience a person either becomes bitter or better.

In my life I’ve learned that to overcome setbacks and succeed I must embrace learning and seek new perspectives. I must change, or what I call, ‘learn’, ‘adapt’ and ‘grow’.  

If we choose not to change, then we are essentially choosing to stay stuck. We remain in the dark and in the same place.  That is not an effective strategy to thrive in business, marriage, family or career.  

I mean look at most employers these days.  They know their staff needs to keep up with their job duties, to change, get updated. They are investing in them to get new training - going to seminars and conferences.

We want to (change) by learning how to effectively respond to stressful events. To not become bitter, resentful, blaming others, the world or even God. Otherwise, you will get left behind and you will run the potential of being dashed on the rocks.

When my financial setback occurred, I developed a case of mental picture screwage. (That’s a made-up word.) My self-talk and language were pretty bad… I spent some time in the ‘woe is me’ place. I’m not proud of that.  But it's the truth.  

When we deal with our screwups truthfully, not beating ourselves up but just evaluating what was effective or ineffective, we can see what the heck needs changing. Conversely when we live in denial, things blow-up on us.  Truth is like light. You can see and make changes.

Being truthful about your situation is absolutely necessary…but even more important is to move forward out of it. How do we do that?

The main area is working on our ‘mental wellnness or self talk'. How self-aware are we? Are we aware of our self-talk? Is it negative or supportive?  Is our spoken language to others negative or supportive?  Do we notice what emotional state we are in during the day? Are we 'reacting' to stuff during the day instead of 'responding'?

Do we have a set of ‘core beliefs’ that underpin us, that guide us.  

My choice in these times has been to keep learning and adapting. I want to be there for our family, friends and business associates. To lead by example. I’ve learned, with difficulty sometimes, in tough times to spend more time in prayer and to get resourceful.

I’m sure if you are reading this you’ve experienced some unexpected challenges, set-backs and stressful events in your life, health and business.  I can totally relate. That’s the purpose of this information. To help you reach your best life - personally, in your business and your health.  

If you’ve already read enough and are ready to learn more about getting unstuck & moving forward go here: Rewiring Your Mind For Wealth”   


Rebuilding your finances at any age is no small task.  My business experience told me I needed new information – to find a new perspective. There’s a saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know”. Being in the dark looking for answers is ineffective. Where do you go to find help to turn that light switch on?  Help that is researched and proven?

In early 2019, because I was looking outside the box,  by the grace of God I discovered Blair Dunkley’s ‘Rewiring Your Mind For Wealth’ video training series. This was a huge turning point.

I found the light switch! The training opened my eyes to see how my thinking had kept me stuck. It allowed me to get unstuck and moving forward.

Blair's researched and developed this information himself. He has been teaching it with amazing results for over 30 years!  A huge weight was lifted.

As I went through the training light bulbs started going off in my mind. I was immediately able to use what I was learning. I got unstuck in my thinking! Things began to improve for all of us.

I realized this information was priceless. It was transformational…and it was basically unknown!

The Rewiring Your Mind For Wealth Training series uses mind models that Blair Dunkley developed over 30 years.  They are what you need for your life and business success and a thriving, healthy life and family. 

The information is transformational! I don't know how else to describe it!  I am not exaggerating.  Of course, you do have to put in the work - learning and putting them into practice. Repetition helps the information to stick.

​​​​The Definition of ‘Wealth’

Many see the word ‘wealth’ and naturally think it’s only about finances. ‘Wealth’ in this video training was not just about finances. It is everything in life that is valuable. The training is remarkable. It will positively affect relationships, family, commitments, giving, loving and helping others.

We now have clarity, focus and confidence. The training teaches you ‘how’ to think, not ‘what’ to think.  That is of incredible value.

The Life Game Changer

Instead of being in a state of darkness, not knowing what specifically to do to get going again, not knowing HOW to get unstuck. We learned How To think differently using Mind Models.

I discovered I had several stuck states and limiting beliefs. I learned how to unstick myself! My mind needed Rewiring!  Learning 'how' to think is vastly superior to being told ‘what to do or what to think’.  

We learned how to get resourceful by asking questions. To move forward.

Over the past 30 years thousands of people and business owners have benefitted from Mind Model training.   Why not 100’s of thousands of people? It’s vastly unheard of.

Mind Models are revolutionary and effective.  Totally unlike any self-help, mindset and positive thinking concepts we have read in books over the years. 

Over a 17-year period Blair tested, refined and created Mind Models working with the Canadian Gov’t.  80% of his clients were high risk…yet his training proved effective for 78% of them!

You can unstick yourself at any time.  If you are ready to learn more go here:  Rewiring Your Mind For Wealth”. 

What Makes Mind Models So Different?

When it comes to growing your business, many businesses stall out.  We don’t know how to do things differently. We work harder, longer but still no gain.  We spend time & money looking for the 'fix' to no avail. We also beat ourselves up. What’s wrong with me! I'm must be ____.

Mind Models help us make small shifts in thinking that enable us to get the clarity and self-confidence needed to move our business forward. Reach goals faster and more easily.

Mind Models are revolutionary…because they teach you HOW to THINK… instead of ‘what’ to think. It’s not some fuzzy idea like ‘be positive’ or memorize this or just get the right mindset. 

Mind Models are thought frameworks that you can use over and over again to keep you getting results. They are repeatable and duplicatable! My daughter says mind models are like a deep root system of a tree.  They anchor you. They are tangible.

For many years Blair used Mind Model Training with high level corporate executive teams and generated over $757 million dollars in new revenue.

We learned ‘How To’ move forward.  We learned How To stay clear, confident, resourceful and focused. We learned ‘How To’ recognize when we were ineffective and to self correct!

Your Choice – Stay Frustrated & In The DARK... or Advance

If you are frustrated ‘spinning your wheels’ and stalled out in your business, health or life, I urge you to make the investment and purchase Rewiring Your Mind For Wealth’

Do it for YOU. For Your business, your family, your relationships and your future.  It comes with a 30-day risk free guarantee. 

When you buy the ‘Rewiring Your Mind For Wealth’ Online Video Course, You Will;

  • Learn Proven Mind Models that have been tested and proved to work for thousands of people and business owners.
  • In the training videos you will see great examples of people who were struggling and stalled out in their business. You will relate and connect.  See how Mind Models have been used to solve all sorts of problems.

  • Apply Mind Models to your own life and business challenges so you can change your life and grow your business faster and more easily.

I know it’s difficult for us to change our thinking and behaviors.  Do you want to stay where you are?  Is that an option?

Or, do you want to learn how to create life-changing breakthroughs in your business and personal life?

If after reviewing the Rewiring Your Mind For Wealth information, you have some questions, please email me:

Or schedule a call with me here on my personal calendar. Happy to answer any questions.

It’s your choice. Learn, change and become more effective. This leads to hope, encouragement and business progress.  This is energizing. Purposeful. Meaningful. Fulfilling. This allows you to add value to people’s lives.  

Or stay stalled, frustrated and ineffective. This leads to hopelessness, despair, depression, anger, frustration, loss of opportunity strained relationships and more. I know. I was there for 2 years!

Here’s to your breakthrough and developing the wealthy, healthy life we all desire.

Lynn - Business Advisor, Health Enthusiast, Husband, Father

P.S. Taking Action is your way forward. Old thinking habits need to change. That’s exactly what this training addresses.  You need to change in order to grow your business.

If you'd like to have a call with me before purchasing schedule a call with me here. I'd enjoy talking with you.

The Only Way You’ll Ever Build a Money-Making “Work From Anywhere” Business…

We live in a country that is unique to most of the world.  We are an enterprising, innovative country. 👍It’s called Free Enterprise.

I discovered this Free Enterprise aspect at a time when I was out of work and in a difficult place. 😟 I had a family to feed, a home and responsibilities.  I joined a network marketing opportunity, struggled alot, adapted and over time  the experience helped me learn how to think like an entrepreneur.  💥  If I did it, so can you!

This has made ALL THE DIFFERENCE for myself, my family and others.😇 Let’s take a brief look at the word ‘responsibility’ and how it’s connected with ‘no excuses’.  This truly determines our level of success in all areas of life. 👊

If you are ready to jump in I offer a FREE 30-minute consultation call. Here’s my calendar to schedule.

Overcome This Human Tendancy To Succeed

Do you think that your low sales and inability to recruit new team members are a product of someone interfering with your efforts? Are you blaming other people for your own failures? Is it your sponsor’s fault? The product’s fault? The company’s fault? 

If this is you, then you have a condition called ‘blameitis’. I had it at one time. I still watch out for it. (It’s a word that I came up with.) I say that because it is a serious ‘thinking’ condition of the mind. It shows itself by the type of language we use. It needs to be replaced. It is not effective towards making life work.  But…how do you do that? 😳

Unfortunately, it’s human nature for you (and me) to blame others for our failures – it comes naturally. 😪 We don’t have to work at it.  It’s easier to say things just weren’t “meant to be”.  Or point a finger at someone or something. That was the reason things didn’t work.

Sadly, over 95% of all networkers quit within their first year. 😖 They see little to no results, get frustrated, listen to others negativity or blame others and end up making some excuse for quitting. 

What you are actually doing is quitting on your hopes and dreams. Who can afford to do that?  To succeed, life requires that we change. We adapt.

If you’ve heard enough and want learn how to stop spinning your wheels, schedule a FREE Call with me here:  It’s on me. I love helping people.

So, How Do We Move Past Blaming & Get To The Place of Taking Responsibility For Bettering Our Life, Finances & Business?

Here is the truth, what I call – Success Principles that I have learned and applied over the past 25 years. 👍

1.) Changing your ‘Life’ – (business, finances, health, relationships)  begins with mind change. You must commit to personal growth – This is not the great suggestion. 😉

To transform your thinking from ‘job’ to ‘entrepreneur’. How? One way is to schedule with me here to receive a free coaching call .  We’ll develop a plan that works for you.

As a basic start, commit to reading or listening for 15 minutes a day – to successful entrepreneurs and how they made it. EVERY DAY.

2.) If you work a job…guess what. The owner(s) had to sweat, work long and hard and struggle to develop the business. Usually over years. It takes a committment and perseverance to make your network marketing business a success. 💥

Thankfully, today your chances of success are far greater. Learn how to use business advisors like myself.  It’s a game changer… 💪💥

It’s your choice… to change your life.  To get past your current ‘story’- your fear of people, fear of failing, lack of confidence or whatever barrier is stopping you. To close more sales, gain new recruits to earn that extra $500-$1000 or more every month.  😃

You can then start paying your way out of debt and head towards financial independence. ❤️ Start your journey right here.  It’s your choice.

If you want to build a profitable work anywhere business, you have to realize that every failure– and therefore, every success– is a product of the things YOU do…and who YOU are becoming.  ❤️

3.) Take OWNERSHIP of your mistakes. Listen to your language. No blaming. I can show you how to learn and grow from your mistakes.

The MOMENT ⚡you take RESPONSIBILITY for your life and your networking business, is the moment you stop making excuses⚡and start getting resourceful! ⚡

If you are having trouble closing the sale or want to learn how to be more effective with recruiting, I offer a FREE coaching call. My calendar is here.

Hope to talk soon,  ⚡

Lynn McClurg,

Business Advisor, Mentor, Health Enthusiast, Husband and Father

P.S. If you haven’t yet, schedule your Free consultation call with me. Don’t wait. Progress in life is ONLY made by the decisions we make.

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